Revision priority: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

Imagine you have just come home after giving exam of Financial Reporting or any subject. You come home to find that you have 6 hrs in day 1, 14 hrs in day 2 and 4 hrs in day 3- in all 20 hours of time to study 4 books of any subject. Say, you start your one-day preparation and one of the chapters takes more time than planned. This can lead to you revising only 60 marks worth of question paper on the last date. To avoid this, you have to prioritize the chapters so that even if any chapter takes more time than expected, you have revised the concepts of the most important chapters. Remember ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.
Directions to set priority: Your top priority should be those chapters which will score most number of marks for you and for which you need minimum time to revise.

Steps to set priority:
1. Write the estimated marks from each of the chapters.
2. Write the estimated time that it will take for you to revise each chapter.
3. Give higher priority to chapters which take less time to complete and which scores high.

We have prepared Direct Tax and Audit priority of revision. Download revision priority for Direct Taxes. Further, set your own priorities for different subjects.

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