Revision book: ‘A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success’

When you start preparing for the next exam, what do you think your bookshelf should look like? Normally, you will find loads on books to study- class book material, ICAI module, practice manual, amendment books, etc. The key is to choose the right books and complete within those 20 hours available between 2 exams. In case you plan to first complete the main book and do the examples, the risk may be that you complete all the provisions but the time may not be sufficient for you to complete the examples. This way, you are not completely confident and prepared to attempt the exams.

The best solution to this challenge is to read the provisions/ concept and do the examples and all the related study content simultaneously. At Revise and Recap, we have addressed this challenge and in the One-day revision books, provisions/ concepts are presented alongwith other relevant examples. This way you are more confident for the actual exams. You can check out the sample of Direct Tax Notes where the chapter of MAT is covered by covering all examples and provisions in just 4 pages.

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