Calendar book for Direct Taxes

All of us would agree — understanding and interpreting the provisions is only the half battle won. The real fight here lies in recalling those provisions during exams and applying these provisions to solve examples during exams. In the calendar batch, your problems are solves. First, to help you recall the provisions, they will be explained to you in the form of stories and memory techniques. Second, to help you apply these provisions, after each concept/ story, an example will be solved.

The reason it is called calendar batch is because the book is of only 30 pages. It will only take you 10 minutes each day for 30 days to completely revise the subject of Direct Taxes. During the period of 5 months, you can actually revise the subject 5 times investing only 5 hours for each time’s revision.

You can check out a sample video on assessment procedures youtube link: Here, maze is used in the story, to revise the entire procedural parts.

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