Why one-day revision book for Direct Taxes

During those 20 hours between the ISCA exam and DT exam, you have minimum 1500 pages to go through. That means, you need to revise at a pace of 75 pages per hour to complete the whole syllabus of Direct Taxes. This task seems a little far-fetched. What seems a more realistic ask, revising 10 […]

Calendar book for Direct Taxes

All of us would agree — understanding and interpreting the provisions is only the half battle won. The real fight here lies in recalling those provisions during exams and applying these provisions to solve examples during exams. In the calendar batch, your problems are solves. First, to help you recall the provisions, they will be […]

Plan your revision

When you start your revision, normally you start with what you like. You shouldn’t start with what you like or what you don’t like but you should prioritize your revision with chapters which are important. For details on priority, refer priority. You have numerous books to revise while you start those 20 hours of preparation […]

Golden period: Time between two exams

The importance of 5 months of preparation cannot be equated to one day revision before exams. The one day revision is way more important. The reason is if during the one day, you waste even an hour, it can change your confidence level and eventually your overall preparations. The key is to sleep well for […]

Revise in few, success is due

Direct Tax is the most dreaded subject when it comes to revision since there are a lot of provisions. It is way easier to revise the provisions when they are summarized using tables, diagrams and images. Suppose, a large concept takes 5 pages, by the time you read the fourth page, you confuse the provisions […]

Writing strategies – Direct Taxes

While writing your Direct tax paper, there are some considerations that you need to keep in order to avoid missing on easy marks. Some of the considerations are: A. Words used in the question. B. Questions in which more than one view is possible. C. Case law based questions. D. Computation based questions A. Words […]

Revising ‘what’ with ‘how’- Revise provisions with examples

The biggest mistake students make for Direct Taxes is they just read the provisions and don’t go through the examples. This is a problem why? The students will acquire knowledge of provisions but not how to solve the question in exams. Also, just reading the provisions is just boring. In our one-day revision book for […]

Classroom teaching

There are two key requirements in a Direct tax paper. First, you should have the knowledge of all the relevant provisions. Second, you should be able to write what you have learnt in exams. CA Himal Goyal is the only teacher who can help with both the needs. By his unique way of teaching and […]